Sunday, 22 January 2012

Post-script on yesterdays blog

How often is enough?  Well really I should have asked myself the question ......'how much is too much?!'

It seems like a wrote a full essay yesterday, but then people who know me well, would already know that sometimes I get carried away when it comes to writing.  It is something I love to do.  The funny thing is,  I could have written more but I didn't want to go overboard,  I rambled on for long enough as it was.

So this is short and sweet, and ends here.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend...........over and out from Planet Jo-Jo!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

How often is enough?

As a sleep aid, this new blog so far has not worked.  My overactive mind was more so than usual last felt as though my mind was ablaze,  like a sparkler letting of bright sparks in the night sky with ideas on what I should write.  I finally fell asleep around 4am I think.

I decided during those wakeful hours on my subject often is enough?

How often should I write on this blog, once a day? once a week? once a fortnight? once a month?  How often is too much? and how little is not enough?  What shall I write about?  Well let's start with the subject........ How often is enough?

There are somethings in life which you can never get enough of,  or too much, hugs, affirmation, laughter, joy.  Fresh air, flowers, fields, green grass, blue sky, birdsong, sunshine, water, be denied these things would cause the human soul to wither.  I will try and do all of these things as much as I can until the day I die.

Love people, especially those closest to you........ can you love too much?  or do you love enough?  You can't give or receive too much love.   We  don't say "I love you" or express our love for one-another enough, or as frequently as we should.  We take it for never know one day they might not be with us, and then its too late.  On 9/11 when the planes hit the two towers, all the phone calls from people trapped and staring death in the face,  phoned their loved ones to tell them how much they were loved.  It is true when they say 'love makes the world go round'.  Without love, we are nothing.  You can be in a relationship, or a marriage, but without love, it is empty.....'a clanging gong'.  A loveless marriage is a very lonely place to be.  I want to be loved and to love every day.

Forgive, how often is enough? can't forgive enough or too much.  To carry unforgiveness in your heart is to carry a terrible burden, and it weighs heavy in your will drag you down, and stop you from living.  To be able to forgive is setting yourself free.  Forgiveness can be a journey, you have to do it every day.  Every day I choose to forgive.

Hope......can you have too much?  No, you can never have too much hope.  It is what keeps us going, keeps us living....... with hope for the future,  that things can get better.  Without hope you would wither like a Rose in the desert and die.  Hope will cause us to grow,  to flourish, to blossom, to look up and beyond our circumstances whatever they are, and however grim they seem.  Without hope, we become stuck in our reaching a brick wall where you can see no way through or forward.  I was once in that place, and it is a desperate place to be.  Now I have hope, I hope every day.

You can't get too much of the earths natural beauty.....we have so much to enjoy,  you don't need lots of money to appreciate all that is wonderful and miraculous in our world.  Just step outside and breathe in the air......see the grass, the blue sky, the birds that sing, brightly coloured flowers, trees whose branches and leaves wave in the breeze.  Feel the wind on your cheeks, the smell of newly mown grass.....its all there for us to savour.  Every season has its beauty too, winter, spring, summer and autumn.....and we can enjoy every day. much is enough? can you have too much? can cause the spirit to soar,  it can touch the soul,  and brighten your day.   It can uplift you and take you to places in your mind that are in your dreams.  It can cause you to dance, and your heart to sing.  It can bring back the happiest of memories.  I listen to music every day,  have a little dance and feel happy to be alive. we laugh enough?  The world can seem very sombre, scary and worrying at times.  Laughter and joy is like medicine to the soul.  It lifts you up when you are feeling down and the skies are grey.  To feel laughter bubbling up from inside you like a babbling brook as it spills out from within, and flows out to those around.  Laughter is catching.   When my children laugh, I laugh too......I love to hear them laugh,  it is music to my ears.  To be able to laugh at yourself.........I do it all the time when I make a fool of myself.   My friends call them "Jo Jo" moments!  I never take myself seriously.  To keep a sense of humour even when things aren't going your way and life seems is a gift, and so is laughter.  I do it every day. can never have enough affirmation, or give enough.  I have lived with negative people in my time, and it is very draining.   It saps you of all belief in yourself, and it is as if all the good has been squeezed out of you.   Eventually you feel so useless, small, unworthy, shrivelled and pathetic, you begin to believe all the negative things they think, say or do to you.  You feel so helpless that you don't know how to set yourself free from all the negativity.  Negativity breeds negativity, and you become hopeless and trapped.  I managed to set myself free from this, and it was a bit like a butterfly emerging from a I am free to fly, and rise above any negativity in my life (oh yes, it still exists!)  I try to affirm as many people as I can everyday.....even if it is only myself. can never show too much kindness,  be too generous, thoughtful, caring, compassionate or giving to our fellow humans,  especially our nearest and dearest.  Not necessarily in the materialistic way or in that order, you can be generous of spirit and with your time, which is far more important.  You can be kind, thoughtful, caring and compassionate without becoming a doormat (at least I think you can....I do struggle a little with this!)  Kindness can be shown every day, and in little ways that mean so much.

Patience.........well we all need this one, every day!!   I need to be far more patient, not necessarily with others, but with myself.   My mother always said "patience is a virtue"........and it is.  I will try and practise more patience in my life.....every day!

On a lighter note........there are some things that I would like much more, and can never have enough of but common sense tells me it's not sensible or possible........ good food (lots of it), fine wine (lashings and lashings), chocolate, French cheese (especially the runny smelly ones!) holidays, high-heeled boots, sun-bathing,  the finer things in life and being pampered like a princess!!!  Yes well, I can live in hope and dream on!

So there we are.........just a few words on "How often is enough".  I could go on, but don't want to bore you.  Now you know why I didn't get much sleep last night......all these thoughts going through my mind!  So I return to the original often should I write on this blog?  Perhaps not every day, or I will drive people mad with the ramblings of my mind!  Maybe I will just write when I am inspired to write......let's leave it at that!

So once again my beautiful fellow human beings, I will love you and leave you......signing off with a cheerful wave, until next time!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Good intentions!

So where do I begin?!  First goes!  

I have a creative mind which has a tendency to keep me awake at night.   My mind does full circles,  cartwheels and all sorts of contortions, over and over, round and round the thoughts go.  They whir and dive and speed through my head, and they don't give up or give me any peace.  A friend told me I should start writing, then perhaps my mind will stop behaving like a windmill at night, or a computer that won't shut down......whirring on and on.  I suppose you call it an over-active mind.

The New Year seems as good as any time to start.........ok, its not so new now, as it is already January 19th, but this is as good a time as any. 

Last year ended badly.    I had a nasty accident on the 30th September and it has changed my life.  My life now consists of 'before' that day, and 'after'.  I completely shattered my elbow when I fell downstairs.  I remember nothing, partly because I was concussed, and my body went into shock, but also I was a little tiddly because I had been to a rather boozey party.  Not very clever.....thus the title of this blog "Oops I did it again"  It is rather typical of my life. 

I have never done things by halves.......and certainly this was a humdinger of an injury and no exception.  How on earth I managed to call the ambulance after such a fall, only God knows.  I think He must have sent an Angel to my rescue!!  I was on my own in the house, so it was either an Angel or me (I can't remember anything at all!)  Once in hospital,  I had to wait 5 days before I had 6 hours of surgery to have my elbow re-built,  (I have an arm full of Titanium now.....just call me bionic!!) blood transfusions, the whole works!! 

I was in a plaster-cast and immobilised for 9 weeks in all.  I am still suffering the consequences of this injury, and have only 20 degrees (or less)  movement in the elbow joint.  I am not able to drive, use a knife and fork, get my hand to my mouth and all sorts of seemingly easy tasks, that we all just take for granted.  Looking on the bright side........if it had been my skull or neck, I probably wouldn't be here to tell the tale.  I have nick-named my arm 'Frankie' after Frankensteins monster........I have a 12 inch scar and I am full of nuts, bolts and screws!

I have always been somewhat accident-prone.  I started off well at the age of two when I fractured my femur (largest bone in the body I think)  I was hospitalised and on traction for 8 weeks......which is one hell of a long time for a two year old.  I had been playing in the garden and clambering on a very heavy wooden bench which my father had moved into a slightly precarious place while he was mowing the lawn.  I saw it as something good to explore and climb, but it ended up on top of me. could have been worse if it had landed on my head, luckily it was my leg!  

So at the tender age of two I was introduced to the wonders, noises and smells of casualty and hospital.  In those days (1960) visitors were discouraged, and my parents weren't allowed to see me for 48 hours.  Thereafter they were only allowed to see me for half an hour each day.  My poor mother 6 months pregnant with my brother, it was heartbreaking for her.  I came out of the whole experienced somewhat traumatised and insecure, which affected the rest of my childhood with a lack of confidence, self doubt and timidity.  More of that another time.

I could go on, and give you my life history from this point, but I don't know if it would bore the pants off anyone who happens to come across this blog, and put them off coming back!  (I have no idea who reads these things, or whether anyone would find it remotely interesting!!)  so I won't bore you with too many details for now.......another day!!  

I am just finding my feet here, and I am sure there will be plenty more opportunities to tell my life story, and to voice my thoughts and feelings on life in general.  

So I will say cheerio for now, give you a little wave........and wish you a very good day!