Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Is it an age thing?!

I think I have AAADD.......Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

This is what happens.  I need to put the car in the garage as it looks like it might rain.  As I am about to go out of the front door,  I notice the unopened mail on the hall table, so decide to go through it before I put the car in the garage.  I lay my car keys down and put all the junk mail in the bin under my desk and notice it is overflowing and needs emptying (why do they send me all that rubbish anyway?  I really don't need to know about Stannah Chair lifts, Saga Holidays and Retirement homes, etc etc)

I decide to put the mail back on the hall table and empty the bin first instead.  The mail on my hall table jogs my memory about a missed birthday that I forgot.   I  need to write out a belated birthday card with an enclosed cheque and it really needs  to be posted today, because it is already a week overdue.   I must do this now whilst it is still on my mind, or else I will forget about it again and leave it yet another day or two.  I go to my handbag,  and find I have no cheques  left in my cheque book.

My new cheque book is in my desk drawer in the study.  I go to my desk and see a cup of tea I made earlier that I forgot to drink and is now stone cold.  I decide to take it into the kitchen and make another one.  I set the cup down and notice my reading glasses peeking from behind the kettle.   I had been searching for  those all morning!   I had better put them back on my desk in the study where they should have been in the first place.......but first.... I am going to make that cup of tea.  I put my glasses back down, and fill the kettle.  Kettle boiled, tea bag in cup, go to the fridge and guess what?  No milk!   I head back down the hall to find my shopping list in the study and write down a reminder to buy milk.

It is now late afternoon, and the car still isn't in the garage, the birthday card and cheque still not sent, that cup of tea was never made,  the mail is still on the hall table,  and the bin is not emptied and now I can't remember where I put my car keys, so I can't go and buy the milk.......arrrrrgh!!!

It can only get worse!!