Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A NEW CHAPTER (written May last year on my other blog spot)

Nearly a year has gone by, and I haven't managed to write a blog.  Partly because I have not been disciplined enough, and partly because so much has happened in the past year.

Ok, let's catch up from May 18th last year.  Much has happened.

My last blog backfired badly, and perhaps that is another reason I have left it so long.  It was heart-felt and very personal.  Every word was true, and nothing terrible was said, just how I felt at the time.  Unfortunately a friend asked me to mail it to her and somehow it also went to random contacts on my mailing list, including ex-hubbie..... eeek!  Another MAJOR 'ooops I did it again'!!!  Not good, as it went down very badly, and all the apologies in the world weren't enough to make things right.  I can be so darned stupid sometimes!!

Lesson learnt the hard way, I won't do that again, I will be careful what I blog about from now on.

My arm..... news on that is not so good either.  I had the second operation at the end of May last year. It lasted 6 hours with more blood transfusions etc.  It all was going quite well and much of the titanium was removed, when suddenly SNAP another fracture further up my arm!!  Instead of beginning to mobilise the elbow joint, I had to keep it immobilised for another 6 weeks.  Worse still,  my 'ulna' nerve was damaged during surgery, and I lost much of the use of my hand too.

Anyway, nearly one year later, the nerves are beginning to mend.  Sensation is coming back and so too the movement and use of fingers.  My arm has improved too, and I have around 30 degrees of movement in the elbow joint.  I can now get my hand to mouth, and even hand to hear....wooohooo!!!

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