Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A short story written by me, aged 10.

This is a little story I wrote aged 10.  My mother found it hidden in a drawer.  It is short, sweet and silly, but in a way quite sad, because I was a bit like the little girl in the story who was no good at school, and who longed to be clever.....I was really writing about myself.

The Magic Pencil

Once upon a time there was a little girl whose name was Lucy.  She was aged 10, but she was the dunce of the class.  She was absolutely hopeless.  She was careless, untidy and disgraceful.  One day it was time for exams.  Oh Lucy was worried, because she knew that however hard she worked she would come bottom in every single exam with 0%.  The day came, and she had a brand new pencil which her mother had bought her.  She arrived at school, and the papers were given out.  Suddenly she heard a little whispery voice saying "It's ok, I will do the work for you"  It was her pencil talking to her.  Lucy nearly screamed with fright.  But she knew that she was not allowed to talk in exams, so she held her mouth.  The pencil kept his word and did all her work for her.

Soon the day for the results came, and the teacher said that she was very, very, very surprised to say that Lucy had come top in every single exam!!  Lucy went red.  Even now she still has mer magic pencil, and she is very famous.

The end.

Awww, Bless!!!

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LesyaNK said...

It's a nice story. I will tell it to my children if you don't mind :)