Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Well, well, well!!  

I can't believe I have found my missing blog!  I have solved the mystery of where it went to.   I thought that this particular blog had been lost in cyberspace, as I was unable to log in.  It turns out, I have two Gmail accounts, and this blog was under the first account I had forgotten about.  Oooops, I did it again!!!  The name of both blogs is so very apt.  Why am I so scatty?

So now it appears I have two blogs, because I started writing a new one which was logged into the second of my Gmail accounts....confused?  Yes, so am I!   If anyone wants to read the ONLY blog I ever managed to write on my new one (I know......the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak when it comes to blogging) the link is  I haven't decided whether I should stick with this one now I have re-found it, or start using my other one.  Decisions, decisions!!   I think I will stay with this one for the moment.

Anyway, a brief update.

Arm........ still the same.  No improvement sadly, just semi functional with nerve damage to the hand which means the sense of touch and feeling is impaired.  I have said so many times before, it could have been SO much worse, so I feel lucky really.

Three of my kids are living in London, and my youngest is now on his GAP year of travel (actually it is 4/6 months of travel).

I am now very happily ensconced in my beautiful new flat.  So last year, once moved in and fully settled, I embarked on my own GAP year of travel.   Something I never did when I was young, and I wasn't able to do when married with 4 kids, and a home to look after.

Gather ye rose-buds while ye may as there is no time like the present.  Who knows what the future holds,  so grab the bull by the horns.......hey, hang on a minute......wasn't this one of the many 'NO-NO's' I learnt when on my writing course in France?  No cliches!!!  Ooops,  sorry to all my fellow writers,  it just can't be helped sometimes!

I travelled to many countries,  experienced new things, ate strange foods, saw amazing sites and have taken far too many photos.  Sometimes I travelled alone which actually I quite enjoy.  Solo travel gives you freedom to come and go as you please.  I  made many new friends along the way, and feel blessed to have met them.  I  also travelled with my  companion and close friend.  We always get on well and manage to have a laugh at the silliest of things together.  She fully understands my scattiness and my 'Jo-Jo' moments, and we both have a giggle about them.  Other trips have been staying with family and friends.   I feel I have been truly blessed, and I am so very thankful to all of them (you know who you are!!)

I have been touched emotionally by some of the sights I have seen and things experienced.  Below is a man praying by the sea in Zanzibar.  My friend was moved to tears at the somehow touched her soul seeing this man so deep in worship.  It was a spiritual and profound moment.

I was touched by the sunset in Santorini.  It was so moving, I cried inexplicable tears of joy.  Something stirred deep within me.  I cannot put it into words, and I cannot explain why, I just did!  This photo cannot possibly do this experience and sight justice.  It was one of those beautiful moments, and one I will always treasure.

Another memorable moment was the incredible night sky in Zanzibar, and also in Morocco.  I have never seen so many stars so clearly, millions and millions of them.  I felt in awe of God's beautiful and wonderful creation, and the universe in which we live.  Once again, I couldn't help but cry tears of joy at the magnitude and beauty of this wonderful sight.

To tell you about all of my travels in one go would take far too long, and probably bore the pants off you.  Maybe it is something I could write about on my second/other blog some time.  Perhaps that one could be my 'Travel Blog'.   All I can say is that last year was one hell-uv-a-year.  I had an absolute blast.  Hey I am young(ish) free and single, why not?!  You only life once, and you are a long time dead! (sorry....more cliches!)

So, will it be repeated this year?  It looks like it will, God willing.  I already have several trips in the pipe-line, deposits paid and some flights booked.  There is just one little (and I mean LITTLE!!) thing that has changed this year that I now have to consider.  Not only do I have Meggie the moggie, but I am now the proud mistress of a teeny weeny 5 month old Chihuahua puppy who has turned my life upside down.  She is a little bundle of feistiness, fun and mischief.   Totally adorable and an absolute joy.

I will have to find someone who can come and cat/dog/flat sit whilst I am travelling.  That shouldn't be too be too hard......  any offers?!!

So another year of travel possibly beckons.

Over the years I have been through the maze, and been through the storm, but now that I am in mid-life,  the best is yet to come.  I am living my life like there is no tomorrow.  I have never lived like it before, and may not get the chance again.  Come on, let's be is far too short and precious to waste, so live it to the max.  Laugh, live, love and dance.  Live in the moment, who knows what tomorrow brings.  The past is history, the future is unknown, but the a gift (sorry, more cliches, but it is true!!)

Wishing you all,  friends, family or people I haven't met, a very happy New Year.  May it bring joy, peace, good health and happiness to you all.

My next blog will be about NOT being has been in my mind for ages!


Rosie Dean said...

Go girl!!


Joanna Marsh said...

Thanks! Perhaps not my best blog. It's been a while since I wrote one. Practise makes perfect eh? I have promised myself I am going to write more, and try to improve my writing skills :-)