Sunday, 12 February 2012

Oops, I really did nearly do it again!

I went out last night with a and snow still lying on my drive, she comes to pick me up.  I am wearing high heeled boots (I love boots!!).  I attempt to totter to her car, and then realising it is slippery and a little dangerous to walk on, and not wanting to have another trip to A and E, I turned back to the front door to get my snow boots.  I successfully get into her car wearing my snow boots and carrying my high heeled boots in my hand.   Injury avoided!

We arrive at the pub which was clear of snow and ice, and in the car, I take off my clumsy snow boots and put my nice high heeled ones on...... so much more attractive!  I get out the car, while my friend parks, and start to climb these steep steps up to the pub.  I nearly get to the top, but not quite......I wobble a bit, loosing my balance and in slow guessed it, oops! I nearly did it again....nasty fall.  Fortunately for me, I didn't injure myself this time, just a bruised knee as I managed somehow to save myself......another close shave though!  What is it with me and stairs and steps?!!

The evening was a little disappointing, as we thought there would be a live band.....instead of which there was this old crooner singing Frank Sinatra songs to some sort of backing track.  Still, my friend and I had a good natter, and set the world to rights, so all good.

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