Monday, 13 February 2012

When the snow melts....

You wake up one  morning to find that your world has been turned overnight into a winter-wonderland. A fresh fall of snow, and everything is white, glistening and beautiful.   It all  looks so pure, white and dazzling.  Even the way snow falls is beautiful.... slowly, gracefully and gently, each snowflake unique in its beauty drifts to the ground.  But the beauty and freshness is short-lived, it can not last forever.  Eventually the snow melts, and turns to slush.....and beneath is dull and drab, even ugly....the earth cries out for Springs warmth, and the promise of new life.  It is there beneath the ground, waiting to burst forth when the time is right.  The spectacular colours of Spring yet to emerge, with all their vivid, fresh, brightness.

A new relationship is like a fresh fall of snow.  The first flush of love, and all seems so beautiful, pure, perfect, gleaming, shining and wonderful.  But when that first flush of love, like the snow begins to melt, what do we see and what lies beneath?  They say love is blind, and it can be.  You are so blinded by all the newness and wonders of first love,  that you don't see what is really there..... like the snow,  it puts on a an amazing and dazzling display.  When it is gone, what is left?  Sometimes sadly what is left is something dull, that has lost its vibrance, and sometimes you realise that what you had felt, seen and believed in is not at all what it had seemed.   But like the Spring, we have to wait.......underneath things are stirring until the time is right,  like they are coming out of a deep sleep.  New shoots emerge, new life, new hope, new love, new beauty......something more alive, more vibrant, more dazzling than you thought possible, it reaches up skyward towards the sun and grows in splendour and strength.  Such is life and love.

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